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Latest news from the Anime News Network
°Yakyūbu Aruaru Book About Baseball Club Life Gets Anime Shorts (2015-07-06)
°Osomatsu-kun Manga Gets 3rd TV Anime Series After 27 Years (2015-07-06)
°Love Live! Film Falls to 2nd Place to Avengers in 4th Weekend (2015-07-06)
°Uta no Prince-sama Anime's 4th Season Confirmed (2015-07-06)
°Noragami Aragoto Anime Adds Takanori Hoshino, Hisako Tojo to Cast (2015-07-06)
°Food Wars TV Anime Adds Junichi Suwabe, Saori Goto, Asami Seto to Cast (2015-07-06)
°Snow White with the Red Hair Anime to Have 2 Split Seasons (2015-07-06)
°NisiOisin's Okitegami Kyōko no Bibōroku Novel to Get Manga Adaptation (2015-07-06)
°Story Details Revealed for Kuroko's Basketball's 'It's The Best Present' OVA (2015-07-06)
°Shonen Jump Launches New Sports Manga Series in 33rd Issue (2015-07-05)
°Crunchyroll Manga Adds Princess Jellyfish, Takahashi-san Is Listening, Scum's Wish, Sweetness and Lightning, The Morose Mononokean (2015-07-05)
°Yen Press Licenses My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong As I Expected, How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, Baccano!, More (2015-07-05)
°Toriko Manga Takes 1-Week Break Due to Author's Sudden Illness (2015-07-05)
°World Trigger: Borderless Mission PS Vita Game Ships on September 17 (2015-07-05)
°Prison School Anime's Hana TV Ad Posted (2015-07-05)

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Awesome pieces of artwork by our members. Want to submit a piece? Send it to mail@lotaku.co.uk.

By Kyle Scott
Kazuki's Comments: "This awesome picture was sent into us from Kyle Scott from Edinburgh who wanted to know about anime clubs there. Well we're still looking for them (after hitting a couple of dead ends), but your picture is really cool."
Yuki's HatYuki's HatYuki's Hat
By Ehryn
Kazuki's Comments: "At the Midlands MCM Expo, Darlo and crew were approached by Ehryn and her friend with a rather snazzy doll, Yuki. After taking a shine to one of our hats (and with that awesome face on them who could blame them), Yuki tried one on."
By Master of Light
Artist's Comments: "The robot was made to reperesent how Robotic my life has become, get up, eat, work, sleep. Nothing new just stuck in a robotic routine, then is looked to comical so Recylobot was born ^_^"
Darlo CGDarlo CG
By NatTheRat
Darlo's Comments: "I've always been a fan of Nat's artwork and her drawing style. This picture that she drew for me is pretty much my spitting image towards my final year studying at Shrewsbury College, with lots of work and time ticking away. Once again Nat I thank you very much ^_^"
Darlo's MascotDarlo's Mascot
By Barukurii
Artist's Comments: "I'm sorry that I could only do a humanised version of him, I'm terrible at drawing chibis (see his little fan). Anyway, he here he is, all Shrotaku'd out for another day of otaku-ing :3 His overcoat baseball thing is based on those they wear in Japan (particularly the Hanshin Tigers) and the lapel says 'Shrotaku' (su-ro-ta-ku I think D8)"
Woot::Gift ArtWoot::Gift Art
By NatTheRat
Artist's Comments: "Because you are really cool, so here you are, w00ting whilst wearing your cool shirt which btw, your site rocks, I go on it regularly"
Rasterbated MascotRasterbated Mascot
By Darlo
Artist's Comments: "Thanks to a little program known as the 'Rasterbator', Shrewsbury College of Art & Technology is now home to a giant version of our mascot."
By Badly Shaded
Darlo's Comments: "This is James the dog. When Shrotaku didn't have a mascot set in stone, he was offered as a cute & awesome alternative"
Yohami 2Yohami 2
By Tony Wembi
Artist's Comments: "This is my main character I drew called Yohami. I've got lots of other characters as well but one at a time."
Yohami 1Yohami 1
By Tony Wembi
Artist's Comments: "This is my main character I drew called Yohami. I've got lots of other characters as well but one at a time."
Darlo RequestDarlo Request
By Priory
Darlo's Comments: "Jack (aka Priory) was doing requests on DeviantArt. This is what he made for Shrotaku and I think it's awesome!"
Sueto ChanSueto Chan
By Darlo
Artist's Comments: "To celebrate the birthday of Sweatdrop Studios I made this picture using a combination of flash and photoshop. Not too bad considering I used a laptop finger pad!"
Musechan Fan ArtMusechan Fan Art
By Darlo
Artist's Comments: "When I was at London MCM Expo I met manga artist Hannah Saunders. She drew a fantastic picture for me at incredible speed, so when I got home I tried to recreate it in more or less the same way (and attempted speed)."