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Welcome to Lotaku.co.uk, the 'Local Otaku' Network. This is where you can find anime and manga clubs and hotspots in your own home towns. You can also check out our reviews, written by fans just like you who give their honest opinions. Be sure to stop by the forum where Kazuki Deshi, the funky-goggled Lotaku mascot, keeps us up to date with news from around the world of Japanese anime, manga, games, music and beyond!

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 12th July 2008

Today we've got two big announcements. Firstly the results of our competitions are in. Congratulations to Gareth Earls from Cornwall, Claire Woods from Norwich, and Kim Phung Ngo from London for being our latest winners.

Secondly a bit more of a serious announcement...

What's Happening with Lotaku?

Most of the moderators know about this already, but we wanted to let everyone know just what is going on, and what will be happening to Lotaku in the future.

When Lotaku first started, we wanted to make a simple website that showed people where manga clubs were. This concept was based on our initial struggle to find a Shropshire based club (hence why we first started off with Shrotaku). Over the time that has passed, Lotaku has grown and now has reviews, art-work, news and so on, as well as one of the friendliest forums online.

During the newest design update, we noticed that not only were sites like Lotaku already available but we'd actually used them to get information on clubs too. As for reviews and whatever else we had, they too could also easily belond on other websites. This meant that Lotaku had no unique selling point, and thus it could be said that it was somewhats 'useless'.

A lot of time and effort (not to mention money) has gone into Lotaku to make it what it is today, but unfortunately we've realised that we've been trying so hard to solve a problem that actually was never there to begin with.

Therefore it is with a heavy heart to say that Lotaku as an anime and manga guide will not be updated any more.

However, the original idea of Lotaku isn't dying here and now. Head of UKotaku and Lotaku forum member, n00j, has started work on 'Rokaru', a site with details of clubs, locations, and events, upon a map of the UK, and we're fully supporting his efforts.

Darlo will also continue writing reviews on manga, anime and other things, and will be putting them up on Shrotaku, Darlo's World, the forum and many other review websites.

The Lotaku Forum is also going nowhere. We believe that the community that has grown is one of the best on the internet and even though it has slowed down over the past few months, it will always be a great area for conversation.

Lotaku.co.uk will remain as it is for a while, but will then become part of a webcomic I'd been intending on doing for a while.

Once again we'd like to thank you all for the support we've had, and we'll see you on the forum!

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 5th July 2008

Thanks to Kirsty from Grimsby Anime & Manga Club for telling us about their newly formed club! This is the first club to appear in the newly made Lincolnshire section.

West Country AnimeKazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 30th June 2008

First of all a big happy birthday to ... Telford! That's right, mine and Darlo's home town is celebrating it's 40th birthday. Go gettem Telford! Also we'd like to give a big massive thanks to Chris at Westcountry Anime. He's given us not only information about the club, but also a rather swell logo! Cheers Chris!

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 27th June 2008

Evenin' all. First up Darlo and I are back in Telford, and secondly the competitions are up tomorrow! Today we've added the Cornwall Anime Club to the site, which in turn means we've added a new area to the site. Now Darlo and I are having a bit of a sort out behind the scenes. So you may have noticed neither of us have been on the forum lately. Can't really say too much about it for now, but we'll let you know as and when stuff happens (such as the removal of the flash games section).

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 21st June 2008 - 3.0!

Ladies and gentlemen. Lotaku Version 3.0 has finally arrived! Thanks Darlo for getting that sorted. Anyway folks, be sure to have a good look around. We've got three competitions up, as well as the gallery looking nice, and we've now got an events calendar! Not to mention you can now listen to some great tunes on the Last.Fm radio (look on the right bar). Now we're off for a little rest before hitting the Wendy House tonight. Oh, and for those of you who were curious, Me & Darlo will be heading back to Shropshire on Wednesday.

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 3rd June 2008

Welcome to June everybody (yeah I know I'm a little late, but meh). Today we've added a new review to the site. Will Epps has reviewed Gakuen Heaven by You Higuri. We've also had to update Darlo's review of the Manga Sutra. Many thanks to Phil Reuben for letting us know about the problem (which can be seen at the top of the review page). We're soon going to be giving our forummers a sneak peak at the new version of the site (Lotaku 3.0), so keep your eyes open for that, as well as some more competitions where you could win some free stuff!

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 26th May 2008

Two more reviews online today. First of all we'd like to thank our guest reviewer for stepping up and adding some writing to our wall. Shehzaan Abdulla from Solihull, West Midlands, has reviewed the first volume of Hellgate - London. Secondly, Darlo's been back in action after his recent exam period (still has one more to go, good luck dude), and has reviewed the interesting title that is TokyoPop's Manga Sutra!

We've also recieved word that a TokyoPop ReCon is going to be making it's way to our home county of Shropshire! It's going to be at Infinity & Beyond (home of the Shrotaku meetups) in Shrewsbury on Thursday 7th August from 6pm to 8pm. We should definately be back for that one, so we'll hopefully see you there too!

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 16th May 2008

Wow, a fair few clubs coming on the site today, most of which have acronym names O_O. We've also got our first clubs from Ireland onboard! DAMA, QUB, DCU, SFFS, and the Ellowes Hall J-Club now online.

A big shout out to Kyle Scott for sending a piece of artwork to us. It's been a while since the gallery got a look in. He's on the lookout for Anime and Manga clubs in Edinburgh so we're searching for some too. If anyone knows of one that's active, please let us know.

Finally, we'd like to thank Kelly Angel for sending us this amazing youtube link of the Lucky Star opening being performed by rather large men. Scary as that sounds, it's actually VERY awesome!

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 7th May 2008

Well it's May, and of course that meant the May Day bank holiday. But did we take a day off never! I was bringing the news to the forum and Darlo was studying for a Japanese oral exam (good luck dude). Today we've added 7 Japanese music reviews to the site. These are the ones that nijuu_rasen has put on the forum, so be sure to check them out. Cantana, Chocolat, Juren, Prelude, Prelude IV: An Illusion of Iridescent, Omnibus and Grandoise Delusion have all been reviewed. On a side note, nijuu_rasen also has his Japanese oral exam tomorrow, so good luck dude!

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 29th April 2008

Great news all! Darlo's confirmed that the site will get another beautiful makeover during the Summer! As the site's grown it's become a little out-dated, and let's face it, a bit bland. Darlo's been practicing his webdesign skills on one of his modules and will be working on the new design once his exams are over at the end of May.

The Forum's been getting a lot of regular updates from the world, especially from new moderator nijuu_rasen who has been letting us know more about J-Pop and music from the east.

Finally, we'd like to thank long-term friend and forum meber of Lotaku, Mr Sleep (who runs the highly successful Cat Girls website, for telling us about a new club that's launching in Crewe. South Cheshire Anime Club (aka AMGSC - Anime, Manga and Gaming South Cheshire) is the first club we've got for Cheshire, so they get a sexy new page all to themselves. Welcome on board guys!

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 31st March 2008

Yes Darlo & I are back from our holiday. It was quite nice and relaxing to get away if only for a little bit. But now we're back and ready to crack on with some more hard work.

UKotakuCongratulations to n00j and everyone at UKotaku for their first Podcast. It's really cool guys, and it can be downloaded and/or listened to at http://ukotaku.podbean.com.

We're also adding a new club today! Thanks to Joe for letting us know about Wessex Anime, a club that meets in Bath.

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 17th March 2008

Evening all. Darlo and I are finally going to be taking a little holiday. We're not going anywhere far, exotic or glamourous, but a break is just what the doctor ordered (not literally ¬_¬). So the site is going to be without any major updates for about two weeks, likewise if you do email us we probably won't reply for a while.

That being said our forum is still going to remain active, but we'll leave you in the more than capable hands of our moderators. See y'all soon!

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 12th March 2008

Not a huge update this time. As our forum regulars will know Darlo and I are a bit bummed out about a recent incident involving the Lotakar and two local thugs. Enough of that though, lets get on with the good stuff!

First off thanks to Paul Fisher from Bexley Manga Network for getting in touch. He first let us know about a dreadful spelling mistake (I blame ol' Darlo ¬_¬), and also to tell us about a Cosplay Workshop that they'll be running at Central Library in Bexleyheath on 26th April at 1 o'clock. Spaces are limited so if you want to go make sure to email Paul ASAP.

Next up another event related thank you! This time it's thanks to Jordan Scott for telling us about an awesome sounding Stop-Motion Anime UK Tour, featuring work by Kihachiro Kawamoto including his latest work, The Book of the Dead. It's starting this Saturday (15th March) in Bristol and will be stopping off at Gateshead, Manchester, Edinburgh, Sheffield and London before making it's final performance in Bradford on Thursday 15th May at the National Media Museum.
To quote Jordan, "Kawamoto, if you didn't know, is one of those great masters of anime whose work is bizarrely and unjustly unknown in the west. He works primarily in three-dimensional stop-motion and his films of this medium should have a particular appeal for fans of bunraku, Little Apple Dolls, Japanese folklore and fairy tales. He has also made a couple out of paper cutouts, which, in contrast, are strongly influenced by the paintings of Salvador Dalí and other western surrealist artists."

Full schedule can be seen on our forum and the official website.

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 26th February 2008

***New Anime Club Alert! New Anime Club Alert!***

Thanks to some information from Aihiro, we've added Bexley Manga Network onto the site. Don't forget folks, if you know a club or awesome shop that we're missing, be sure to let us know!

We're currently working out the kinks on our events calendar, so keep your eyes open for that!

Finally, to show our support for the UK Anime scene, we're putting the Official UK Otaku widget on the site!

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 1st February 2008

Huge congratulations to our four, yes FOUR, Unazukin winners. We love being cheeky and sneeky, and added a secret competition on our forum for members only. So for those of you out there who didn't enter that one, it's not too late to join the forum to keep up to date with the latest news and information!

Thanks also going out this week to Fiona Macleod who's studying in Leeds for her review of Ema Toyama's very pink manga, Pixie Pop: Gokkun Pucho.

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 25th January 2008

Straight off the back of a tough and busy exam period, Darlo's been writing away. I swear I'm not a slavedriver, he just did it off his own back. I think I'll reward him with a cookie. Anywho, this time he's written an article on Fansubbing in the Anime Industry. Ooh posh!

We're also keeping our eyes open on anymore news about the mysterious closure of Cyber City Anime in Leeds, and it's online order service. We'll keep you posted on this dedicated forum thread.

Finally, we're pleased to announce that we've added our newest competition, giving three of you lucky people your own Unazukin! Check out the competitions page for more details!

Win an Unazukin at Lotaku.co.uk

Kazuki's LogKazuki's Log - 1st January 2008

Happy New Year everybody and welcome to 2008!

So far it's been an interesting new year here at Lotaku, we've had prizes coming in ready to give away, news of another successful all nighter, and low and behold we have a new laptop, energised and ready to get to work.

We've also announced the winners of both our Rure and Fruits Baskets competitions, so be sure to check out the competitions page to see who those lucky people are.

More Kazuki's Log entries are in the archive