Simon Withers

Age 19
Born 22nd August
Nicknamed The Withered One (name given by Kazuki)
Son of Miki Withers
Grandson of Adrian Withers
Childhood friend of Kazuki Deshi and Anna Tanaka
Rented the car which caused the death of Karen Johnson’s son, though it was actually driven by Kazuki Deshi

Inherits a curse at the age of 15 in which he becomes immortal and has been immortal for 4 years. The curse controls the souls of his dead ancestors so that they cannot pass onto the afterlife. In order to break the curse he must find and destroy the Lotaku, though he has no idea what it is. He is currently fulfilling a prophecy to find and destroy the Lotaku.

Likes dark coloured hoodies.

Has lived with his Granddad since his birth, when his mother died. Simon feels personally responsible for her death. He has never seen his father.