Lotaku is the name of a curse that is holding the deceased members of the Withers family in a state of Limbo. It’s origins are as of yet unknown, but in order to break the curse and release the souls of the departed Withers family, the Lotaku must be destroyed by the current curse controller.

The Lotaku webcomic is a project I’d created when I decided it was time for all the characters I’d created in the past to assemble. The Lotaku website itself being one of my former projects, a guide to anime and manga throughout the UK. That torch has been passed on to Rokaru now though.


The REAL Simon WithersIs there really a Simon Withers?
There sure is, infact it was through one of Simons MSN conversations with me that really got the whole series going. We were discussing whether or not it was easy to make a basic character image in Flash when I decided to make a quick simple version of his MSN image. It was this image that later grew into the Simon Withers we have today.

What is the meaning of life?
To find the answer to this question. Though if you believe the Hitchhiker’s Guide, it’s 42.