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May 30th, 2012

Page 12

3 updates in the space of one calendar month … not only that, three updates in less than one week! This is definately a new record. Perhaps I’ll keep doing them on paper, that way they’re getting done relatively frequently. I used a much thinner Sharpie than last time, but the text is still a tad small.

The Professor: Ok, I’ll ask some questions.

The Professor: Where did you transfer from?
Simon: Leeds.
The Professor: Do you have a favourite sport?
Simon: No.
The Professor: How about a favourite hobby?
Simon: No.

The Professor: Well I guess we’ll find out more about you soon enough.

The Professor: We don’t have a seating plan so please sit anywhere. There’s a free seat by the wall.
Simon: Ok.

Charlie: I’M NOT LATE!
Simon: *oomph*

Charlie: Oh no … did I hit the Professor again?

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