Page 11
May 25th, 2012

Page 11

As promised yesterday, here’s the second of the ‘between class drawn on paper with big fat sharpie’ pages that I’d gone done over the last couple of weeks.

So we welcome back The Professor! He hasn’t been seen since the Nasta Nominated animation The Elements Song … hmm … can’t seem to find a link at the mo, I’ll try to add one later.

The text is a bit small so I’ll add a transcript. I’ll try to lay off the big fat Sharpie for text (and smaller details) in future.

The Professor: Well, it looks like our new …

Simon: I’M NOT LATE!

The Professor: You’re not late, welcome! Now, how about a self-introduction?
Simon: Sure. *gasp*
The Professor: and remove your hood please.
Simon: No chance.

Simon: I’m Simon. I don’t know how long I’ll be here so I’m not looking for friends. Any questions?
Group: …

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