Page 14 – A Question Heard Around The World
Wednesday — July 30th, 2014

Page 14 – A Question Heard Around The World

Once again I do kind of suck at updating regularly, but at least I didn’t take a full year this time … that earns me a point or two … right?


Webcomics Tarot Project – DONE! ^_^

The Lotaku entry for the Webcomics Tarot Project - 22, Judgement

The Lotaku entry for the Webcomics Tarot Project - 22, Judgement

So I’ve broken up for the Christmas holidays right on the back of an arsiating essay on the American Occupation of Japan and have already jumped back on the webcomic bandwagon. Tonight I finally finished my piece for the Webcomics Tarot Project (don’t think it gives away too much of the future plot) and will be finishing off the next page during the next week. I plan to (along with other projects and revision for exams in January) get at least a few pages done during this holiday, and I have more free time next semester to again hope to once again get back in the swing of things.

Back! (bit too tired to think of a better title ¬_¬)

A lot has happened since the last page. I’ve come back home from Japan, moved to Leeds (still in UK), sacrificed a Summer that I would normally have spent working to study for the resit of teh exam I failed in Japan, and have generally lived doing this Hikikomori style. However, the comic definately hasn’t died. I did get a (very well justified) gentle reminder from the The Webcomics Tarot Project, and my piece for that will also be on my immediate to do list, as well as finishing the next page of Lotaku (amongst other things).

Time’s Up

Damn, I really wanted to get a new page up this month but I’m afraid I’ve let you down. With things like preparing for a huge test (which will determine whether or not I can continue my degree), a class trip to Hiroshima (by the way if you’re in Yamaguchi, avoid an Indian Restaurant called Ganesh, Click here for details on how we were discriminated against), and of course my piece for the Webcomics Tarot Project, time has slipped past. I have started the page, it’s just going to be late I’m afraid.


Japanese … Coming Soon

Hey folks,

the next page is being (slowly) done, but I’ll also be making this webcomic available in Japanese (very bad Japanese mind you). Just as soon as I work out the right plug ins and so on.


Ignore me, I’m just checking to see that I updated a bit of code rightly.

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